Self-proclaimed female entitlement erodes our successes

To all the professional women out there….

We’re on the brink of a dynamic paradigm shift. More women are in leadership, executive and political roles than ever before. We continue to make significant strides in the boardrooms, our classrooms and government institutions. Women are in the majority of receiving higher degrees of education, and we’re gaining momentum in the earning power in the U.S., though we still have a gender gap in wages to overcome.

So now, more then ever, we have an opportunity to make great change in the way business is conducted and the way we communicate with one another. That’s why it both saddens and angers me when I see women in leadership positions try to “mean girl” their way to the top by stepping on everyone along the way, particularly other women.

Let us not undo the blood, sweat and tears our foremothers (and those today) have shed fighting for equal rights. Do not become the very thing we’ve fought against. And for the love of Susan B. Anthony, do not stomp around in your power suit and high heels and act like an entitled female. That’s exactly what they want us to do, so they can justify calling us bitches.

We need to take a long, hard look at how we conduct ourselves and treat others. Let me be clear… not let yourself be bullied. Stand up and protect yourself. But don’t BE the bully either.

The world is watching us. Younger generations of girls are watching us. What example will we set for them?

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