The great beauty: an American in Rome

Walking in the rain carrying pizzas for hungry Italians on the uneven sidewalks of Rome is, well, intimidating.  Squeezing in to the tiny elevator to take a ride six floors up isn’t any better.  But that night we all gathered around the table and this American girl didn’t bother with eating slices.  No, I finished […]

Go ahead, define family

The concept of the traditional family is changing, like it or not. The Norman Rockwell days of a two parent household with a mom and a dad are no longer the standard family arrangement, and I’m okay with that. I’ll let psychologist and religious folks sort out the social and psychological implications of this, but […]

Jane Austen's World

This Jane Austen blog brings Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Period alive through food, dress, social customs, and other 19th C. historical details related to this topic.

The Lady Suits

No man's land